Our Staff

Our instructors have a passion for children and ART! Our teachers are art educators, studio artists and elementary educators with Art passions! First and foremost they love to teach! We have are blessed to have asst. teachers that we are vital to Out of the box keeping class sizes low, welcoming students, assisting in all elements of the class or camps etc. Our apprentices and teen helpers have a variety of jobs from assisting in kiln work, working with us at festivals, libraries, ministry events in the community, helping in camps and classes. Many of the teachers have years of art experience teaching , others are graduates from Savannah College of Art and design, Georgia State, Kennesaw and many others majoring in a vast area of art mediums! Several teachers we have seen take classes many years ago in our home studio as children, they are now grown up and teaching at OOTB!


Sam Mc Gill – Owner

Juli MC Gill/ – Owner


Micah McGill Wall

Libby Stephens

Mallory Teate

Christine Schweitzer

Robin McCord

Judy Stokes
Rosita  Czakala
Valerie McIntyre
Hillary Bednak
Gina Duerrre prek
Racheal Colon
Caylee o Sullivan
Marty Thomas
Julie Hoynes prek
Tara Ellis

Elizabeth Niebuhr
Meme Thrailkill
Cole Kroeber