Who We Are

People always ask… “Was your mom or dad creative?” they were both mathematical!!! But my mom encouraged me to go to my first drawing class when I was about 12, in a little art studio in Tampa Florida. I loved the smell, the feel, and the awe that I could draw something. However, this little passion for art was not pursued. So, like many others I went on to high school and college days without perusing art for 15 years.

For most of my married life I have had an” art room” and it has taken many different forms. It began as a few tables and shelves I shared in the garage in Florida with our basset hound Bogart and my baby Micah at my side. I had many friends there and soon all sorts of arts ministry classes were being held from my garage! Eventually we moved to Virginia and I immediately took over a small extra bedroom sharing many hours creating beautiful art with friends and children. After our time in Virginia we moved to Alpharetta. Our new home had a small room off the master that was my art room…for about 15 minutes before I outgrew it. Our was spent creating a whole basement which looked like a Mary Englebreit store! I began holding classes there as well as leading a Arts Ministry at Fellowship Bible church. I cannot tell you the things that were created and inspired in this little basement! It was a place for refuge, retreats, and simply a place to allow creativity to flow!

As our family grew we began looking for a different home – each was judged by “what will be the art room?” We found the perfect home with a huge bonus room over a garage! What a dream!  So, as I began packing the things up to bring to the latest and final ” art room”, our beloved Out of the Box Art Studio, I could not help but remember all the good times I had in every one of our past art rooms and look forward to the inspiration and creation of art in our studio.

Out of the Box was created out of desire to do something a little different – to not put children and adults ” in a box” of creating just fine art folk art, or just ceramics but rather to learn that all areas of art, from the history to learning how to paint a masterpiece yourself. To be able to realize the mediums can mingle and be interwoven together to inspire people to branch out and try many mediums without fear of failure! Thank you for allowing us to share our passion and our big ” art room “!


The McGills